Mobile Web Design Tips

Mobile Web Design Tips

Including mobile access in your web design and development plan is not just an option these days: it is a necessity, and hence the need for mobile web design tips. Millions of people are browsing the web, shopping and spending money, via their mobile devices so not carefully considering this as you design or redevelop your site means that money is being left on the table.

1. Know What Devices Are Being Used

Unless you know how your users are browsing your site, it is difficult to target them. Are they mostly using larger mobile devices like iPads, or are they predominately smartphone users (which involve much smaller screens and a more thoughtful design solution to cater to it). Using analytics and research you can build quite a detailed profile of the operating systems and potential devices that your website visitors are using.

2. Maintain The Same Message In Your Content

A mobile version of a website should not provide a completely different feel and experience just because someone is not browsing on their computer. The overall feel and purpose of the site should remain the same, along with the core content which people should feel is not wildly different based on how they are accessing your website. In many cases, you may have to eliminate some content or features on the mobile design to cater to the capability or aesthetics of the device. However, your core content, branding and website purpose should absolutely remain the same throughout.

3. Always Think Forward

Technology is moving very fast in the mobile arena and new devices often make use of the latest technologies that websites can struggle to keep up with. Keeping on top of developments allows developers to make rapid changes, however small, that can take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities in smartphones and other mobile devices. Ultimately this adds more capability and more functionality to websites which can make it easier to convert your visitors to customers, and enhance their overall user experience.

These simple yet hugely important mobile web design tips will help you to get off on the right foot when it comes to considering your growing base of mobile website visitors. Mobile technology has reached the point where people can perform virtually every task from their smartphones as they could traditionally on a computer. It is the job of the web designer and developer to simply make it easy, accessible and functional for these eager web surfers, and they can do this easily by looking out for relevant mobile web design tips.