Digital Agency v In-House Google Ads Management

Digital Agency v In-House Google Ads Management

There are many business owners who have a sound knowledge of online marketing or have marketing staff that do, and often that includes Google Ads. For this reason, they will embark on a Google Ads campaign, and despite their best efforts, it does not bring the expected results. We won’t go into all the reasons why that might be, but instead, make some comparisons between using an in-house team to manage Google ads, and a digital agency, which is likely to shed more light on the failures.

The first benefit of a digital agency that manages Google Ads campaigns every day, is that they will be fully aware of the changes that are happening within Google. Trying to keep up with Google is almost a full-time job itself, and unless you can keep tabs on new developments in relation to Google Ads you will be left behind.

Not only do Google change some of the rules from time to time, but they periodically add and remove elements of Google Ads. Some of these are short-term trials, and others are more comprehensive. Examples include local search ads on maps, demographics for search and right-hand ads being removed, to name but three. With Google Ads continually evolving, a PPC management company will keep you ahead of your competition who are relying on their in-house team.

By working every day with Google Ads, a digital marketing agency will also have a lot more data and experience with which to research, plan and implement a campaign for you. They’ll have comprehensive data from all the clients they worked with previously and can use what they learned from them to make your campaign the best it can be. It will be highly unlikely that an in-house team, no matter how skilled and knowledgeable they are, to have access to the same quality or amount of data.

There is also the not insignificant benefit of you being able to check for yourself what a Google Ads management company has achieved for its previous clients. Whilst your own marketing staff may have done sterling work for you so far, if they have never actually created a Google Ads campaign before, they are untested. With a digital agency, you can even speak to previous clients to ascertain how well they did, and how happy that client was with their work.

Another advantage of using a Google Ads management company is it will often have an excellent relationship with Google, given that they are working on their platform every day, and are also generating a lot of revenue for them. Many agencies have a single point of contact at Google whom they can raise issues with and resolve any problems a lot sooner than a company’s in-house marketing staff could.

This relationship also allows them to receive a heads up and training on new beta projects ahead of everyone else, which can benefit any campaign they are working on for you. In-house teams will merely have access to what training Google publishes for everyone else, which may be months after the new element of Google Ads has been producing results for you thanks to the agency being able to implement it much sooner.

The final element is one that all businesses should be conscious of, and that is time. Managing a Google Ads campaign in-house can often distract those who are working on it and reduce the time they have to work on other important tasks. This can negatively impact upon the business, to the point that any benefit realised from Google Ads is nullified.

Employing a Google Ads management company means you, and your staff, can focus on what you all do best in relation to making your business successful, while the agency get on with what they do best, which is creating a successful Google Ads campaign.