What Is SQL Injection?

If you have come across the term ‘SQL Injection’ and always wondered what it meant, the answer is that SQL stands for ‘Structured Query Language, and so by default SQL Injection must mean ‘Structured Query Language Injection’. If you are still somewhat bemused, then we can assure you, once you have read the rest of this article you will have a fuller explanation which hopefully clarifies it for you.

We will state from the outset that SQL Injection is not desirable, and in truth, it can cause individuals, businesses, and organisations no end of problems. The clue is the word ‘injection’ and the fact that an SQL injection is an attack by hackers or cybercriminals on the database of an online property such as a website, and the queries made to it by applications.

What Can Happen During An SQL Injection?

Some SQL injection attacks can cause nothing more than an inconvenience at one end of the scale, through to a full-scale attack on the website’s server and its data or the disabling of a website so that it cannot function.