What You Must Consider When Changing Your Web Hosting Provider

There are many reasons why you might one day wish to consider switching your web hosting provider. It could be that you have found their customer service to be poor, that the performance of your website is being compromised, or that they are increasing their hosting fees to a level that you find too high.

Regardless of the reason you wish to leave your current hosting company, before switching to another, there are several key considerations you must make. Failure to do so could mean that you end up with a hosting company that is no better than the previous one, or worse, one whose performance and service are even more lacking than what you were experiencing before.

To avoid either of those two undesirable scenarios and more importantly, to ensure that any new hosting company you move to can provide you with what you require for your website to function properly and be able to be managed effectively,  here are some of the more crucial points you should consider.

What Specific Features Do They Offer?

This can cover a wide range of possibilities but in most cases, you need only focus on the more important ones. These include the following:

  • Disc Space – How Much?
  • Bandwidth – Limited Or Unlimited?
  • Email Accounts – Offered And Are They Unlimited?
  • Subdomains / Add On Domains – Unlimited?
  • Which Platforms Can Be Used? WordPress? Joomla? Others?

If the answers to these questions are either positive or in most cases ‘unlimited’, then this is a good sign that this hosting service can provide the level of website functionality and management you need.