7 Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is Preferable To Templates For Business Websites

7 Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is Preferable To Templates For Business Websites

Ever since the first web design template was created, the debate has continued as to whether a custom web design or using web design templates is the best option. We are going to be upfront and say that in our experience custom web design is superior to using templates.

That is not to say we are totally dismissive of website templates. They certainly do have a role to play in web design and for someone with a small budget who needs a simple website, templates do provide an excellent means of creating their very own piece of online real estate.

However, for most businesses, having a Professional Web Design Company create their website gives them a greater chance of benefitting from having an online presence. In addition, there are several advantages of custom web design, seven of which we have explained below.

Bespoke And Unique: Custom web design means that whatever you want your website look like can be achieved. This allows you to stand out from your competition, however, there is a caveat. Having the benefit of customisation does not mean you turn your website into an art project. Keep it simple and professional whilst at the same time including the uniqueness that sets your website apart.

Greater Opportunities For Branding: Further to how your website appears to those who visit it, having a custom website means that you can make your branding stronger. That can include the colour scheme, the fonts, the layout and specifies such as your logo combining to emphasise your business’s branding.

Functionality Is Greater: With templates, you are usually limited in the functions they are capable of supporting. On the other hand, a custom web design can include just about anything you require it to. This allows you to have functions on your website, including advanced ones,  which are specific to your business and thus enhance the experience of visitors to your website.

Faster Loading And Functioning: One of the issues with templates is they have basic coding, and this can slow down page load speeds. With a custom website, your web design agency will be fully aware of how to ensure quick load speeds, and nothing will be included which has the potential to slow it down.

Security Is Enhanced: Another extremely important benefit of a web design agency creating a unique website for our business is that they can incorporate several security protocols which you simply will not have with most templates. Today’s internet is one where hackers roam and they look for the easy prey first which are websites built with templates, not custom websites with enhanced security integrations.

Scope For Scaling: When you build a website with just a template there is nothing further you can do to enlarge it later. However, with a custom web design, options exist in the future for the expansion of your website such as adding additional functions, content, and pages, all of which your web designers will be able to undertake when such a time arrives.

SEO Optimisation Is Augmented: For any business website to rank on Google, it must have SEO in place. The benefit of a custom web design is your web designer can ensure all your onsite SEO is accurate and in place ensuring that Google knows what your website and its pages are trying to rank for, giving you a competitive edge over other local businesses trying to rank of those same keywords.