7 Features You Want Your Web Hosting Company To Provide

7 Features You Want Your Web Hosting Company To Provide

Whether you are seeking a web hosting provider for a new website or are unhappy with your existing web hosting company and are looking for a new one, it pays to ensure that whoever you choose is able to provide some specific features. These are features that can enhance the operation of your website, improve the experience of visitors to that website, and make it easier for you to manage your website.

These features are what you might call the absolute minimum that any web hosting worthy of the name should provide. In some cases, you will find that some of these features are only available on certain hosting plans that a web hosting company offers, so make sure you check all the plans of any web hosting service you are considering.

Ability To Host Unlimited Domains/Websites

The importance of this to you will depend on your business model but it is better to have and not need it than need it and not have it available to you. Unlimited domains allow you to host multiple websites with different domains for businesses that you control. They may all be satellite businesses under one corporate structure, or it could be you run a variety of websites that all operate independently of each other. Either way, having them all hosted on one service is preferable.

Multiple Email Accounts

Even if you only have one website hosted with your service provider, having the means to set up and use multiple emails will make running your business much easier. You can have one with your name, and then others which are used with respect to what the person is emailing about. This could include email address set up for customer support, general enquiries, or sales.

Sufficient Disc Space

Just as your PC, laptop or mobile device has a finite amount of storage space, the same applies to the servers operated by your web hosting company. This means they will allocate a proportion of that disc space to each account, and this is what determines how many files and what size of files you can have relating to your website. The greater the disc space your web host provides you, the more you can include in your website with regards to design, functions, and content.

Maximum Guaranteed Uptime

The more time your website is live the more opportunities your business has to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. That cannot happen if your website is down for any reason which is why the guaranteed uptime your hosting service offers is critical. Given that no hosting company on the planet can guarantee 100% uptime, you want to have at least 99.99% and also proof that this figure is the absolute minimum your hosting company can provide you.

Sufficient Bandwidth

For the purposes of website loading times which can influence visitor satisfaction and your search engine rankings, you want your web hosting provider to provide sufficient bandwidth. This will ensure that there are no delays to your website loading, especially if it has a number of larger files that have been used in regards to its design. Ideally, unlimited bandwidth is what you are looking for.

CRM & Platform Options

Although WordPress is the website platform that is the most popular, it is not the only one. It also follows that there are some businesses for which WordPress is not suitable, such as eCommerce websites which require different sort of website platform. The point here is that it is preferable if your hosting company is able to offer alternative platforms such as Joomla in addition to WordPress.

Live Customer Service

Although this is not mandatory, it will make running your website so much less stressful if you have the means to chat or speak to your web hosting provider’s support team live. This way you can have issues fixed sooner, or at least receive live advice which allows you  allow you to manage your website more effectively.